Interact with Customers in Real Time to Boost Satisfaction & Repeat Purchase

It’s good to ask your customer how was everything. It’s so much better to ask how is everything.

Learning in real time enables you to receive and process customer feedback so you can act and influence the outcome.

The team at the Hilton hotel in Fort Collins, CO embraces this philosophy. They reached out to me before and during my recent visit. Continue reading

Mobilize Your Marketing Mix

In case it’s somehow escaped you, we’re living in the era of the smartphone.  Is there any item more indispensable than your BlackBerry, iPhone, or (for more and more of us) Droid?  Smartphones are digital security blankets (some of us have more than one), status symbols, and, for better or for worse, the first thing many of us pick up every morning.

Andy Serwer. Managing Editor – Fortune magazine. Android Calling. July 4, 2011

Photos: Apple and Motorola.

Well, if you sleep next to your smartphone, of course it’s easier to grab in the morning.  Yep, two-thirds of smartphone users do that.  And, 33% of our fellow citizens would rather have no sex than no mobile phone for one week (1).

Mobile marketing is hot, particularly smartphones.  The Pew Research Center reported that 35% of Americans own a smartphone (2).  That’s more than 100 million people.  On a typical day, 68% of all smartphone owners go online using their phone. Continue reading