Marketing Book

Practical marketing discipline is essential.

It’s a strategic operating mindset that serves as a guide and roadmap for well-grounded decision-making. Marketing discipline means taking the necessary time to do your homework and get prepared. If you don’t want to put in the thinking on the front end, don’t expect good results. It’s that simple.

Author Harvey Chimoff makes the case for practical marketing discipline, writing from his perspective as a global marketing leader operating on the business front lines to deliver profitable sales and growth.

The concept of marketing discipline is a fundamental criterion of success. Yet, the fascination with shiny new tactics, and the relentless pressure to be fast, means that the discipline part of marketing can get lost in the wash. That’s a problem.

Who Should Read

Marketers should find this book helpful for their day-to-day operations. Those in early stages of their careers may gain learning, while experienced marketers may see the benefit more in terms of refresher and reminder. At the same time, the principles, philosophies, pointers, and recommendations may be even more valuable to non-marketing leaders such as general managers, business unit heads, and sales and finance chiefs.

What People Are Saying

This is a very practical handbook that is full of relevant real-life marketing discipline examples. I’ve experienced the benefits firsthand of working with Harvey, firstly as a work colleague, and secondly when I engaged him as a “plug-in” marketing and PR leader. I highly recommend this handbook for both new and seasoned marketing personnel and for other functional corporate leaders.

Austin Maguire
Former CEO Solix Algredients, Inc.
Former President, SPLENDA® Sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC

Harvey Chimoff is a passionate world-class executive. With this book, Harvey offers valuable marketing insights based on a successful career that has touched many brands across many industries. With a focus on both strategy and tactics, marketing teams and their cross functional counterparts will enhance the ability to attain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Greg Morency
Former Global President- Clearwater Seafoods
Former Global Vice President Marketing and Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific – Tate & Lyle PLC

Here is a practical marketing guide that will lead professionals and students alike through a rigorous path of discipline, order, and execution. Harvey Chimoff reminds us how vital it is to define strategy as the guiding principle to consistent execution and implementation. A book that will help you reevaluate and calibrate the quality of your own daily work as a marketing leader.

Jordi Ferre
Former CEO, Alvinesa Natural Ingredients
Former CEO, AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.

Having started my career in marketing communications as a member of Harvey’s global marketing team, I know for certain there is no better leader to have developed this playbook. I find myself referencing his philosophies, coaching and guidance 15 years later. I highly recommend this book for marketers and communicators at every stage of their career.

Stephanie Smith-Schellhorn
Marketing Executive

Harvey Chimoff has been my client on two different occasion at two B2B companies. Harvey is one the most detailed, thoughtful, intelligent marketers I have ever worked with in my 39 years of owning an advertising agency. When Harvey delivers the creative brief to the agency, you come away knowing the exact strategy of why we are doing the project, who the audience target is and exact deliverables. It is complete, practical, informative, smart and executable. My entire team appreciates Harvey’s extraordinary talent and attention to detail. This book is a tremendous read for both the beginning marketer and the most experienced! The title says it all: “Strategy First, Then Tactics. How Practical Marketing Disciplines Provides The Winning Edge.” Read this book and you will come away a smarter marketer and ready to implement practical and executable marketing programs that your entire company will embrace and understand.

Larry Rothstein
President, CEO
Source Communications, Inc.

Having worked closely with Harvey in his role as a marketing leader, I can attest first-hand to his innate ability to develop strategy, synthesize multiple demand streams into a cohesive plan, and execute with clarity and purpose. His “people-first” mentality recognizes the human element in the marketing process, and inspires his teams and peers to work together to effectively achieve the company’s overall business goals. This book represents Harvey at his finest: clear, direct and optimistic, with a kind of inspired practicality on achieving great results. I highly recommend his voice and insight here to those looking to lead a marketing organization or effort.

Michael Wolfe
Senior Vice President
ICR Strategic Communications and Advisory