Marketing Services

What you need, when you need it.

Marketing Department Leadership & Direction

If you’re not organized or resourced with a fully functioning marketing capability, StratGo Marketing can plug the gap. We can jump in and provide the hands-on marketing leadership and direction you need (e.g., project, short-term or interim type role).

Marketing Diagnostic & Assessment

Even if business is running smoothly, an independent, objective assessment of your marketing strategy, plans and tactics can be beneficial. Think of it as the equivalent of a vehicle inspection or tune-up.

Marketing Plan Development & Tactical Execution

A well-crafted, practical, easy-to-implement marketing plan is an essential criterion of success to deliver the annual operating objectives of the business. This includes defining and/or optimizing company, brand and product positioning.

Branding | Brand Development | Brand Management

There’s often confusion about branding and brand management, but that’s preventable. A disciplined marketing approach can get your brand management strategy process and tactical actions running smoothly and effectively.

Marketing Communications

Related to our marketing plan services, we develop hard-hitting communication strategies and tactics to educate, influence and persuade your customers, and bring your company and brand positioning to life.

Customer Marketing Material for Sales Teams

You may not have heard it put so strongly, but we believe marketing is responsible to equip the sales team and put those colleagues in the best position to be successful with customers. That includes a range of tools and materials designed to achieve the company’s product and service objectives.

Custom Marketing Writing

Avoid the struggle to convey your stories and key messages in writing. Services include: press releases, case study/customer success profiles, and executive speeches/articles.

Trade Show Marketing & Sales

Optimize the effectiveness of your trade show investment. Integrate marketing, sales and technical teams to achieve a robust customer presentation. Utilize a strategic marketing process to organize essential components including: strategy setting, booth construction/design, product sampling/demonstration, pre- and post-show customer communications, media relations, and post-show assessment to capture key learning and future action steps.

Sales & Marketing Team Integration

Sales and marketing integration can be a winning difference-maker in your business success. Or just the opposite. StratGo Marketing knows how to get your sales and marketing teams organized and optimized for customer traction. Our president has championed this type of teamwork in both in-house marketing leadership positions and as part of consulting assignments.

Customer Research Project Management

Having a fact-based, accurate understanding of how customers perceive your company/products/services is a core factor for sustainable performance. We’ll help identify the right questions, prepare a detailed project brief and efficiently manage the entire process with a research provider specialist to deliver the actionable intelligence you need to keep your business healthy and growing.