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With StratGo Marketing, you get ready-to-go, plug-in marketing leadership to drive your business forward.

You get a professional, savvy business leader who works easily with you and your team to deliver smart, practical, disciplined marketing action that drives profitable sales.

  • Operational Expertise.  StratGo’s president has held head of global marketing and senior marketing positions in B2B and consumer products companies: agribusiness, AgTech, ingredients, food and beverage.
  • Multi-environment Capability. StratGo’s president has developed and implemented business action plans for both well-known and emerging companies and brands.

What does a “plug-in marketing department” mean for your company?

  • StratGo Marketing can deliver the action and performance expected from a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Vice President of Marketing, Director of Marketing or Brand Manager.
  • If you don’t have marketing expertise or a true marketing capability in-house, StratGo Marketing is an excellent option.
  • If you have a senior marketing leader, but with a limited or non-existent team, utilize StratGo Marketing as a force multiplier resource.
  • Or, perhaps you’re a sales-driven organization with limited marketing. If so, plug-in StratGo Marketing to achieve strong marketing aligned and working closely with the sales team.

Download PDF: Drive Growth with Plug-in Marketing

The Right Start Philosophy

With the constant buzz about the latest marketing tool, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important to achieve sustainable business performance:

  • See and understand the big picture.
  • Figure out who you are – or want to be.
  • Know the customer’s point-of-view.
  • Get organized for action.
  • Lead and motivate cross-functional operators to work as a team.
  • Embrace the sales team as an agent for success.

Start with this mindset and philosophy so you can build from a solid marketing and business discipline foundation.

Once you’re organized with a game plan (strategy), then determine what tactics to use and why. Provide hands-on leadership to make it happen.

Remember: Strategy First, Then Tactics.®