Client Work Summaries

StratGo Marketing: Selected Client Results

Product Category Marketing Strategies & Plans
StratGo Marketing worked with the Managing Director and key executives to develop detailed marketing strategies for individual products/brands across a multiple category portfolio. Results included competitor marketing assessments, identifying customer buying factors, brand positioning, value proposition definition, and market segment priorities and strategies. Each category strategy was used to develop tactical marketing action plans.

Corporate Positioning & Marketing Communications
StratGo Marketing worked with the CEO and VP, Global Sales & Marketing to provide a range of strategic and tactical marketing to professionally launch and position a spinoff company. Working under a short, compressed lead time, services and results included a marketing communications assessment of competitors and identification of opportunity areas; development of positioning and key content messaging to establish the company in the market; trade show message creation, booth presentation optimization, marketing communications plans and team training; problem-solving a stagnant website development to create a strong company presentation; preparation of customer sales materials; and media relations including press release strategy and writing.

Brand Management
StratGo Marketing worked with senior management to optimize the marketing and sales foundation across the portfolio. Results included establishing positioning statements for existing products/brands that were previously undefined; determining the positioning for new launches; and strategically developing brand logos based on the positioning definition and providing corresponding marketing briefing and leadership with logo design graphic resources.

Challenger Marketing
StratGo Marketing developed the marketing framework to support the CEO’s strategic pivot and disrupt entrenched players who were dominating the market. Services and results included positioning, brand management, and corporate name change; new website content and messaging optimization; customer acquisition marketing communications; and media relations including press release writing that generated earned media coverage in key trade publications.

Trade Show Marketing Strategy & Activation
StratGo Marketing implemented a disciplined trade show activation process to maximize and optimize corporate participation in major industry trade shows. Results included setting upfront strategy expectations, preparing detailed brief to guide exhibit booth development, providing marketing leadership and managing the booth construction firm, preparing pre-show detailed briefing and training for the onsite booth team, and conducting detailed post-show lessons learned assessment.

Customer Sales & Marketing Materials
StratGo Marketing worked with management, sales and technical teams to create corporate and product introductions for customers. Results included preparing and writing content based on company/product positioning and understanding how to present information that is relevant to customers.

Startup Commercialization
StratGo Marketing provided hands-on, new product development and business commercialization expertise to the company founder. Services and results included product development advising; brand and logo creation (managing outside resource); and customer research strategy with project management of early stage exploratory focus groups and then later stage product usage studies.