Arrow Electronics Uses NCAA Hoops to Rollout B2B Corporate Branding

I love college basketball and marketing.

That’s why I quickly grabbed my smartphone to learn more about Arrow Electronics after seeing their new Innovator’s Club commercial Saturday night during the NCAA Final Four men’s semifinal basketball game.

Photo: Arrow Electronics website.

Photo: Arrow Electronics website.

I needed to know more about who they were, what they were doing and why they decided to unveil a major new branding campaign during the Final Four.

After all, when a $20 billion company launches a branding campaign, I’m interested.

Arrow’s marketing is yet another example of a B2B company using consumer marketing channels to reach a business audience.  That’s smart, though, as both audiences and communication vehicles continue to converge.

But, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what they’re doing.  There are multiple objectives and you have to work a bit to make sense of and truly understand the depth of the communication (e.g., enabling “five years out” innovation).  One question:  will customers make the time to engage with the Arrow brand?

Oh, the launch ad is captivating and beautifully produced.

You can watch more of the campaign on Arrow’s YouTube page.

The company’s marketing chief described the strategy: Continue reading