NY Hospital Goes Too Far with Case Study Marketing

Just because you can tell a story doesn’t mean you should.

In recent years, medical professionals and hospital systems have begun to market directly to consumers, with mixed results I’m sure.  For instance, my dentist has an annual photo contest – maybe that helps build engagement and loyalty, I don’t know.

On a bigger scale, we see the venerable yet still effective “case study” tactic being utilized.

Most of the time, the ad features a person who has significantly benefited, or maybe even had her life saved, due to the great professionals and technology of XYZ medical system.  There’s merit to this approach.  It helps create awareness, builds capability recognition and possibly influences the provider selection decision-making process.

However, it can go too far.

In my mind, a new ad for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital crosses the line and becomes “no, they shouldn’t have done that.”

But first, you watch the ad.

Part one of the story is terrific.  The hospital’s doctors have miraculously saved the boy.  Unfortunately, it’s only temporary. Continue reading