Leadership Tips from United CEO Jeff Smisek

United CEO Jeff Smisek (center) with co-workers. Photo – United Airlines.

I like this guy.

That’s my reaction whenever I read about United CEO Jeff Smisek’s leadership and management philosophy.  There’s a certain wow factor because he comes across so straightforward and genuine, without the jargon and BS.  Smisek is a refreshing difference, which is why he stands out.

Here are a few nuggets from a recent Fortune magazine interview with Geoff Colvin.  See what you can adopt for your team and company.

Be Direct

One of the things I learned in the Continental turnaround is to treat people like you want to be treated. You’re honest and direct with them. If someone comes to you with a silly idea, you don’t pat them and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s interesting, I’ll consider it.” You say, “No, I disagree,” and you tell them why. Continue reading