6 Management & Marketing Ideas from Facebook and Lululemon

New ideas, clever approaches and important reminders always jump off the page during my business reading, especially those that might apply to challenges I’m facing or will likely face again.

I’d like to share six management and marketing ideas that stood out to me recently, along with an “action step thought starter” for each one. Continue reading

Why You Need to Market for the “Zero Moment of Truth”

Graphic: Google.

What’s ZMOT and why should you care?

Jim Lecinski, Managing Director, U.S. Sales & Service for Google, is the author of the e-book, ZMOT – Winning the Zero Moment of Truth.

According to Lecinski, “ZMOT is that moment when you grab your laptop, mobile phone or some other wired device and start learning about a product or service (or potential [mate]) you’re thinking about trying or buying.”

He adds:  “This is how consumers live and learn and make decisions today: from ratings and review sites, from friends on social media, at home and on the go, and (more than ever) from video. They learn from search results, user reviews, four-star ratings, text ads, image ads, news headlines, videos and even good old-fashioned official brand websites.  They learn and decide, in short, at the Zero Moment of Truth.” Continue reading