Humorous Twitter Character Fights Severe Drought in California

Changing behavior is one of the hardest things to do in marketing.

In drought-stricken California, the nonprofit Southern California Water Committee (SCWC) has rolled-out a creative marketing campaign to persuade consumers to conserve water.

Photo: Southern California Water Committee.

Photo: Southern California Water Committee.

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Uber Shows How to Make Money with Social Media

Something interesting recently happened in Washington, D.C.  Really, no joke.

A for-profit company galvanized its customers via the Internet and social media to intervene on its behalf with the city council.  And guess what?  The company and the customers won.

There may be other on-demand personal transportation services that can be hailed from your smartphone, but we’re talking about Uber here.

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Feel the Noise – SunChips Canada goes Social for Compostable Packaging

Photo: SunChips Canada Facebook

Score one for the Frito Lay Canada Sun Chips team.

After their US cousins abandoned most of the compostable packaging because of consumer complaints about noise (consumers really want to go green, huh?), the marketing team up north got creative to stay the course.

The clever marketing campaign leverages social media (YouTube, Facebook) to engage consumers directly in a friendly, easy conversational tone. Continue reading