Make the Sales Team Your Friend

I’m passionate about working with sales teams and customers to help sell my company’s products and services.

It’s a topic I’ve written about before, Marketers Are Sellers Too, and I’m thinking about it again because of a question posed by a member of a marketing network to which I belong.

In order to protect confidentiality, I’ll just say the poster is a Vice President of Global Marketing, and the network is a referred-in, annual fee-based group of US-based senior marketing leaders.  One of the benefits is access to the entire group to bounce ideas, seek advice and get insights into the latest, practical thinking.

Here’s the original request:

One of the biggest challenges in go-to-market strategy seems to be ensuring that all of the content and tools, etc., etc., that marketing teams produce are providing meaningful help for the sales team’s efforts. I find that I am always underwhelmed with the level of absorption that occurs with content that marketing teams create, and find one of the contributing factors to this phenomenon is the message delivery vehicle.  What are the best examples, tools, fun programs, and processes that you have dreamt up or seen used to help with this challenge?

As a marketer who has spent his entire career working closely with sales teams and customers, I understand and can relate.  Let me give you my perspective and expand on the thoughts I shared with my network colleague.

Here are four key themes to embrace for successful marketing-sales interaction and communication, which will also help you build a great working relationship.

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