Now Playing: The Holographic Marketing Communicator

Get ready to bring a bit of Sci-Fi into your marketing toolbox.

Now, thanks to Lawrence, a Tensator Group Company, you don’t need R2D2 to beam a holographic video message.  You can do it yourself.

Duane Reade Holographic Virtual Assistant. Photo: Screen Media Daily.

US drug store operator Duane Reade and London’s Luton Airport have put holographic communications into action (watch video below).

Earlier this month, Duane Reade, New York City’s largest drug store chain, unveiled the industry’s first Virtual Assistant during the grand opening of its Wall Street flagship store.  Billed as a next-generation digital signage solution, the Tensator Virtual Assistant provides Duane Reade and its customers with an exciting information, brand and promotional messaging medium using the very latest in holographic imaging and audio-visual technology to create the illusion of a real person.  Cool stuff.

The holographic Virtual Assistant is positioned near the store’s entrance and is a high-tech communications platform that serves up in-store information and personal greetings in a decidedly unique fashion.

“Our Virtual Greeter is an essential part of the “wow factor” we have built into our newest store and serves as ambassador of the new Duane Reade customer experience,” explained Paul Tiberio, Senior Vice President of Merchandising & Chief Marketing Officer for Duane Reade, in a company statement.  “The virtual aspect captures shoppers’ attention from the moment they enter the store – engaging their visual and auditory senses. And because the Virtual Assistant is so compelling, shoppers are receptive to the wealth of information she provides, enabling them to get the big picture of everything the store has to offer in a very personal and exciting way.”

In January 2011, Tensator launched male and female holographic communicators at London’s Luton Airport to help passengers more easily navigate their way through security.

If you’re thinking this is just a fancy gimmick, maybe you’re right, but I suspect not.  It could become a terrific communications tool, especially in high-traffic areas.  Regardless, it’s technology that might help make a difference in optimizing your customer engagement and enhancing your overall communications.  Don’t dismiss it out of hand.

Headline For Marketers

Stay on the lookout for new technology that can help you achieve your marketing objectives.  Technology should be on your radar screen in the context of difference-making, whether in terms of direct customer experience or in-house productivity.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.

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