Advertising That Saves Rental Car $$$

Budget Rent a Car at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – July 20, 2011. Photo: Wrap Media Group and Associated Press.

We’re all familiar with shrink-wrapped ads on local buses.  And NASCAR race car sponsorships.  Now, get ready for rental car rolling billboards.

An independent Budget Rent a Car licensee in Atlanta is finding out just how far renters will go to save money.

Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta has partnered with Wrap Media Group to wrap rental vehicles with the Sheets™ Brand Energy Strips logo.  Significant discounts are touted for those bold enough to be indirect brand ambassadors.  According to a recent Associated Press news report, one consumer reported a savings of about 71% to drive a Sheets-adorned SUV during her 4-day rental.

The campaign began in August and is scheduled to run until November.  Wrap Media Group plans to expand its rental car advertising in other US markets and even internationally.

Photo. PureBrands, LLC

Sheets™ Brand Energy Strips, an energy product delivered via a dissolving strip, was launched by PureBrands, LLC in May.

Here’s how CEO Warren Struhl explained the new product promotion:  “We recently began an aggressive marketing campaign and this concept was the perfect fit,” he said in a company statement.  “Not only will renters be getting a discounted rental rate and be exposed to our brand, these vehicles will also be seen by thousands of people traveling on roadways and at restaurants, shopping malls, attractions, parks, beachfronts and other popular destinations.”

And what’s in it for Budget?  “Our mission is to always provide the best value for our customers and this is another example of that,” said Heather Etzler, Vice President and General Manager of Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta, in a company statement. “We expect a very positive reaction from our customers given that the vehicles are wrapped in good taste and Sheets™ is a new and exciting brand.”

Headline For Marketers

It’s hard to break-through to end-users, so give marketing credit to Budget, Wrap Media and the team at Sheets for being marketing adventurers.  Experimentation, especially when it’s geared towards differentiation, should be part of your marketing toolbox.  Do it when you can.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.

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