Make Strategic Changes From Position of Strength, Not Weakness

Last month, I discussed strategic change decision-making at Cisco and Best Buy and the lessons for business leaders.

A recent news story about the financial and operational resurrection of the University of California Berkeley baseball program provides another opportunity to explore this topic, this time from a different direction.

My question today:  Why do leaders and companies seemingly wait until crisis time before making the tough go-to-market and organizational structure decisions needed to ensure healthy sales and profit generation? Continue reading

New Strategies Bring Change at Cisco and Best Buy

Cisco and Best Buy made important strategic announcements last week that caught my attention.

Each decision provides a good opportunity for a mini-case study discussion.  After you read my take, post a comment and tell me what you think.

Photo: Cisco.

In an April 12th press release, Cisco announced that it would be shutting down its consumer Flip video recorder business. Continue reading