With Rolling Stone a Memory, General McChrystal Now Inspires Business Leaders

There’s much more to know about General Stanley McChrystal than what happened with Rolling Stone magazine.

Granting inside access to a journalist turned out to be a disaster, and the magazine essay led to the end of his military career. But don’t let what happened in 2010 diminish the superb business advice General Stanley McChrystal offers in his book.

Credit: McChrystal Group

In “Team of Teams – New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World,” the retired 4-star general and his colleague writers share ready-to-implement ideas on  leadership, teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

The book’s origins come from McChrystal’s leadership of the Joint Special Operations Task Force and the efforts to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq. It’s an easy read, and one I recommend.

To get you started, I’ve organized five salient points that I particularly like and believe to be effective. 
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Leadership Tips from United CEO Jeff Smisek

United CEO Jeff Smisek (center) with co-workers. Photo – United Airlines.

I like this guy.

That’s my reaction whenever I read about United CEO Jeff Smisek’s leadership and management philosophy.  There’s a certain wow factor because he comes across so straightforward and genuine, without the jargon and BS.  Smisek is a refreshing difference, which is why he stands out.

Here are a few nuggets from a recent Fortune magazine interview with Geoff Colvin.  See what you can adopt for your team and company.

Be Direct

One of the things I learned in the Continental turnaround is to treat people like you want to be treated. You’re honest and direct with them. If someone comes to you with a silly idea, you don’t pat them and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s interesting, I’ll consider it.” You say, “No, I disagree,” and you tell them why. Continue reading