Social Media Idea Powers Brazilian Condom Marketer

Ideas power marketing.

Today’s example:  check out this terrific marketing idea for Brazil’s Olla Condoms.

Although marketing for profit, Olla, similar to the challenges faced by cause and health related communicators, probably needed to overcome difficulties reaching its target and generating action on a sensitive topic.  The idea of receiving a Facebook invite from an unexpected and presumably unwanted child is jarring.  It’s powerful.  And, that’s the whole idea.  Message to Mr. I Don’t Want to be a Father Today:  use an Olla condom, problem solved.

So much for the good news.  It seems that Olla may have violated Facebook policies by creating fake profiles.  If that’s true, then Olla’s marketing went too far, and I don’t condone marketing that violates established regulations or is illegal.  Still, the core idea is wonderful, and too bad they couldn’t have created an execution solution that was just as bold, yet regulation conforming.  Next time.

Headline For Marketers

You want relevance, differentiation and growth? Get great ideas.  Team up with the right people and resources who understand your objectives, and have the capability to help you create powerful ideas that bring your marketing and communications to life.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Idea Powers Brazilian Condom Marketer

  1. This was really a breakout idea — right at the intersection of consumer insight and state of the art marketing technology. I wonder, even if it hadn’t violated Fb TOS, if the violation of privacy would have created any negative feelings? do you think they discussed this before rolling it out? Brand buzz and awareness probably trums any individual issues Good post, Harvey!


    • Thanks Rhonda. Good observation and interesting questions. I don’t know what went on between the company and the agency as they progressed this from concept idea to approval to execution. The marketing team and/or company should have procedures in place to vet certain ideas (refer to my blog post: General Mills Pushes Magic Brownies. Plus 5 Tips for Evaluating Bold Marketing Ideas). The privacy issue is an interesting discussion point. It’s somewhat similar to personalized direct mail that leverages specific individual identification to hopefully reach and engage the target. That’s acceptable or at least allowed. The difference, though, is that only the recipient sees that individualized marketing. In the case of Olla, it’s not clear if those dummy profiles were open to public access or just available to the recipient. The other important aspect to keep in mind is culture. We look at Olla’s effort from a US-centric lens, which may be very different than a Brazilian assessment. I’m aware of certain insights (not appropriate to share here) that reinforce the direct, hard-hitting aspect of this marketing program.


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