American Express Treats “Service” as a Marketing Differentiator

I thought about the opportunity of capitalizing on every interaction and moving away from being a cost of doing business to being an investment in building relationships.

Jim Bush – Executive Vice President of World Service – American Express

Let’s give Jim Bush a “marketer of the day” award for his mindset on how to leverage the service function to impact the bottom line – via customer engagement and not simple transaction management.

As he declared in a recent Fortune interview:  “We let the customer determine how much time they want to engage. That engagement drives value. We serve customers, not transactions.”

Even if you don’t work in service, adopt an “outside:in” perspective and always consider what you can do to positively impact customers.  It may come as a surprise that the AMEX service team is focused on and considers what it does a company competitive advantage.

Learn more in this video clip.

Also eye-opening is the application of the net promoter concept.  Bush describes the thinking:  “For every servicing transaction, we ask, How can we get the customer to feel better about American Express and recommend it to a friend?  That’s a promoter.”

Learn more in this video clip.

And, finally, here’s a wonderful, concise management leadership tip that we can all apply every day:

“Giving our people freedom, boundary, and purpose, combined with holding them accountable, drives economic value.”


Wherever you reside in the customer touch-point and sales/marketing chain, consider yourself a value-adder and engagement builder – and then act and execute with that mindset.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.

2 thoughts on “American Express Treats “Service” as a Marketing Differentiator

  1. Hello.
    Can you please tell me why I´m not able to look at the videos? Its impossible to understand this note with no access to the film. When I click the “play” button, it says: “the person who uploaded the video has blocked it in your country”. I´m from Argentina. Thanks….


    • Hi,

      Thanks for reading my blog post.

      It’s strange that the videos might be blocked in Argentina. Try going to the CNNMoney YouTube page at and then the two videos that I shared in my post are on page 4 (note that the page number will change, of course, as more videos are posted).


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