Why “Pop-up” Thinking Can Boost Your Marketing

What can marketers apply from the “pop-up” go-to-market concept popularized in recent years by Halloween costume stores, and now chefs?



First of all, think about “pop-up” as a business mindset, not just a retail brick and mortar tactic.

Applied this way, pop-up thinking encapsulates a range of important ideas such as customer choice and variety; experimentation and testing; and an agile, asset-light business approach.

For example, writing in The Wall Street Journal, Jane Black highlighted how chefs are using a modified pop-up model to build their brands and make money. A common approach is to join forces with an existing restaurant owner and “take-over” the physical space at a designated time to produce and deliver the chef’s concept. As Black explains, “permanent pop-ups also feed diners’ hunger for all things new.”

Pop-up marketing can help:

  1. Generate profitable revenue;
  2. Reinforce brand and company positioning;
  3. Generate “news” for content marketing communications and media relations.

To get started, apply pop-up thinking during your marketing planning process. You may discover better, faster ways to achieve your objectives.

A few ideas:

• For B2B marketers: custom services, exclusive skus, or unique product formulations may be effective; as well as specially designed customer education events or other learning that aids sell-through to end-users.

• And, for B2C companies: distinctive products might be offered on an “in and out” or seasonal/holiday basis.

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at StratGo Marketing, a plug-in marketing department resource for company leaders.

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