Wegmans Supermarket Entices Shoppers with Impressive Magazine

Print is still powerful – if used correctly.

Want proof? Check out the latest issue of Wegmans Menu Magazine.

The well-regarded Rochester, NY grocer publishes an attention-getting, glossy magazine chock full of beautiful photography and enticing recipes. Even non-cooks may be motivated to shop and then head to their kitchens.

Menu Magazine came to my attention via a family member, who recently signed-up for a Shoppers Club loyalty card in advance of a new store opening next week. The magazine was mailed to the home.

After perusing the magazine, I can share three marketing observations:

▶  Make content for the customer. The value and utility of Menu Magazine – products and recipes that make you want to buy – is what hooks the shopper. Of course Wegmans is selling (they are entitled), yet they achieve a business objective by putting the customer first. The magazine’s content makes the reader want to shop, cook and eat. 

▶  Go bold. Wegmans has clearly invested in beautiful, striking, color photography that makes the products jump off the pages. Cheaper production quality would not have achieved the same result.

▶  Leverage your own platform. Wegmans features its own branded, private label offerings throughout Menu Magazine.

Wegmans declined to answer a few questions, preferring to rely on what’s posted on their website. A media relations specialist responded via email: “We don’t typically do interviews with trade sites or blogs as we’re a privately held company and we recognize that they’re often read by our competitors.”

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Wegmans has a communications mission to help consumers. Per Drug Store News, here’s how the CEO described the purpose of Menu Magazine:

“We wanted to share our passion for food with readers. We wanted to give them help making meals easy, healthy and affordable, and wanted to encourage them to eat more vegetables and fruit.”

Menu Magazine is available to Shoppers Club card members by request (no charge). The printed magazine is delivered by mail. A tablet digital version can be accessed via the Wegmans mobile app.

First published in 2001, magazine circulation rose to 1 million in 2011. That should be much higher today, as Wegmans’ store count has risen 21% to 93 stores, effective July 2017.

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at StratGo Marketing, a plug-in marketing department resource for company leaders.

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