Take Net Promoter to the Next Level. Ask For the Recommendation.

Think about this sales growth opportunity. Companies may calculate their Net Promoter Score, but how many actually ask the customer to take any action?

Rhino Shelf does. The North Carolina company sells DIY garage storage kits. I learned about them recently when assisting my brother install his system.

The product is excellent, and if you’re considering garage storage options and are handy with tools, it might be a good solution for you. (They also offer an installation option.)

This isn’t a product review, so let’s continue with the marketing commentary.

Credit: Rhino Shelf (highlight added)

After we finished our installation, I noticed some additional paperwork with the instructions. The simplicity, cost-efficiency, and potential effectiveness of the message were striking.

The small handout began: “We appreciate your business!”

And then: “Please share the enclosed marketing card with a neighbor or friend that may also benefit from a Rhino Shelf system. Thanks!”

Boom. It’s one thing to ask your customer how likely they would be to recommend you. It’s so much better to ask them to actually recommend you to a potential customer!

Credit: Rhino Shelf.

Rhino Shelf’s postcard-sized call-to-action has all the information a prospect needs to get started on the path to becoming an actual customer:

  • What Is It: “Utilize Available Space in Your Garage with an Award Winning Structural Garage Storage Shelving System”
  • What Does It Look Like: Product-in-usage photos
  • How to Learn More: URL and phone numbers



Net Promoter Score is an excellent tool. By all means measure and learn from it. Whether you can or can’t, take the idea a step further, though. Figure out how to implement ways to ask your happy customers to recommend you. The benefits should be worth the effort.

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at StratGo Marketing, a plug-in marketing department resource for company leaders.

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