Commodity? Not All Chicken is the Same

Marketers are always looking for differentiation.  Finding or creating it is one thing.  Doing something with it is another.

Memo to all chicken shoppers:  Have you ever noticed that many brands add salt/saltwater?  You have to read the label closely (68% of Americans read the nutrition facts panel) and then you’ll notice that you’re buying chicken-plus.  You might be okay with that.  For those who are not, poultry marketer Foster Farms gives you a choice.

The company notes that “”plumping” – or the injecting – of fresh, raw chicken with saltwater is a practice employed by many chicken companies.”  Director of Marketing Ira Brill,  commenting on his company’s consumer survey, revealed that “most consumers have no idea that the fresh, raw chicken they purchase intending to season or marinate themselves can contain such high levels of salt.”  He added that “fresh chicken is a staple for many families’ healthy diets and consumers should be able to trust that they are getting the nutritious ingredient they expect, not a salt-laden imitation.”

Foster Farms was able to benefit from a confluence of consumer trends:  continued concern about high levels of sodium in food; increasing quantity and sophistication of label readers; and a desire for fewer, easy-to-understand ingredients.  Their team identified a marketplace opportunity and then created strong marketing communications to capitalize on the point-of-difference, first with clever tv commercials and now with a “Say NO to Plumping” Facebook social media promotion.

Click on the photos below to watch the commercials and visit the Facebook page.

Foster Farms TV Commercials

Headline For Marketers:  When  you’ve got meaningful differentiation, market the heck out of it.  When you don’t have it, gear your innovation efforts to get it.  If it’s just not possible, out-execute your competitors.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.


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