Master of Disguise – Texas Roadhouse CEO Goes Incognito for External Learning

“It’s important that I not be recognized when scouting. I have Bubba teeth to dive to another level. The goofier you are, the more folks don’t care about telling you stuff.”  Kent Taylor, Texas Roadhouse CEO

Photo: Texas Roadhouse Facebook.

Photo: Texas Roadhouse Facebook.

Getting closer to your business operations, employees and even competitors doesn’t require a trip to your local pop-up costume store.  Save that for this year’s Halloween shopping.

Kent Taylor, the founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse provides a funny reminder that business leaders need to avoid the ivory tower syndrome and get out into the market for real learning.

Photo: Screen Grab from Company YouTube Video

Photo: Screen Grab from Company YouTube Video

The good news – despite the popularity of a reality tv show – is that it won’t be necessary to go undercover to make it happen.

Adopting an outside:in perspective and seeking first-hand, external learning are key factors for business success.  It’s a mindset approach I strongly believe in, utilize and write about.  So, with an assist from Kent Taylor, let’s review a few posts for top-of-mind awareness and activation.

Here you go, along with more examples including Waste Management, Starwood Hotels and Amazon, to spur actions for you and your team:


Texas Roadhouse’s CEO gets his marketplace learning firsthand by disguising his identity and hitting the road.  While donning a costume may be tempting, there are less dramatic methods to implement an ongoing, effective system for marketplace engagement and learning.  Do what works for you.

Harvey Chimoff is a hands-on marketing leader and business-wide collaborator who builds marketing capabilities in B2B/B2C organizations that drive customer success.

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