“Magic Hour” is Real Deal Marketing for European Outdoor Clothing Brand

European outdoor clothing brand Peak Performance is running some outstanding marketing right now.

The brand, founded in Sweden in 1986, is owned by the Danish IC Group.  They sell clothing that caters to five broad target sectors: ski, outdoor, running, mountaineering, golf and bike.

I was not familiar with Peak Performance until I saw this advertisement (thanks Creativity):

It’s rare to see such marketing harmony between advertising, positioning, branding and promotion.  That’s why the Magic Hour marketing concept is terrific.

Specifically, the marketing/advertising idea captures the pure brand essence.  It delivers the brand idea in a stimulating way that makes core consumers, and maybe even potential consumers, want to get outside, be active and enjoy life.

What is the brand?

Peak Performance is a lifestyle brand with a real story and long history. The Peak Performance consumer is not divided into age groups or by gender.  We simply call our core consumers “Social Adventurers.”  Social Adventurers are people who search for new experiences, enjoy being outside and being active, like hanging out with friends and meeting new people. They have an open mind, love skiing and great design.  They like genuine things with a history and they never ever compromise when it comes to quality.”

Further, the promotion or call-to-action in the ad is brilliant.  It reinforces the Social Adventurer aspect of the brand – and does so in a fresh, attention-getting manner.  Peak Performance calls it virtual pop-up stores:

If you go to certain outdoor locations at magic hour – defined as sunrise and sunset – and can prove your location via your smartphone’s GPS coordinates, you’re going to win free merchandise.  Cool.


Peak Performance. 2015 Magic Hour marketing campaign. Photo Credit: Peak Performance.

Peak Performance. 2015 Magic Hour marketing campaign. Photo Credit: Peak Performance.

Tactics supporting the marketing campaign, created by Perfect Fools Stockholm, include:

  • Magic Hour website
  • Social media component (#catchmagichour) where those who share and tag their photos on Instagram can win free merchandise.

A December 2014 presentation by parent IC Group described three “strategic focus areas” for Peak Performance, including “Sharpen and enhance brand DNA.”

The Magic Hour campaign nails that.  Well-played, marketing team.

Harvey Chimoff is a marketing and business team leader who drives performance in consumer products and manufacturing companies.

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