NJ Wine Shop Thrives on Marketing Differentiation

Amanti Vino is different than its competitors, and that means special benefits for customers.

The Montclair, NJ retailer (wine, spirits, and specialty microbrew) is led by Sharon Sevrens, a former investment banker turned sommelier and wine educator.

Sevrens and her store generate significant earned media coverage. She’s been featured on CNBC and CBS (New York) television, profiled in The Wall Street Journal, and is a Huffington Post blogger.

Taste the Action: 3+ Marketing Differentiation Examples

Amanti Vino. Montclair, NJ. Credit. Amanti Vino.

Amanti Vino – Montclair, NJ. Credit. Amanti Vino.

Hand-Selected Wines

“We taste thousands of wines each year so that I can identify the very best for each region, varietal, price point, etc. We taste the bad wines so you don’t have to!”

Such an operating philosophy begins to establish credibility and a commitment to deliver quality. Add their tagline, Bringing You the World of Artisanal Wine, and you have a sense that Amanti Vino is like having your own wine procurement team.


Credit: Amanti Vino – Montclair, NJ.

Train Delivery

Custom delivery options are all the rage now, but direct-to-train delivery is certainly unique. To be precise, it’s direct-to-train station delivery.

“After a long day at work, there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of to help you relax. But after a 10+ hour day and a long trek home, who wants to spend another hour getting wine? Wouldn’t it be nice to step off the train and have wine, beer, spirits and/or munchies just waiting for you to take home? That’s where the Vino Van comes in.”

Sure, the shop is conveniently located to rail stations. But so are other wine purveyors in NJ, and this is the first time I’ve heard of such a service.

Credit: Amanti Vinoteca.

Amanti Vinoteca – Montclair, NJ. Credit: Amanti Vino.

Taking Advantage of Local Market Conditions

Amanti Vino capitalizes on the state’s BYOB wine laws in two clever ways.

First, the retailer has created a sidewalk drinking area catering to dinner patrons waiting for their table at nearby restaurants.

“We are surrounded by dozens of BYOB restaurants, which has made our location a great asset. After years of customers asking us where they could grab a glass of wine before dinner, we decided to fill the void ourselves by opening Amanti Vinoteca. Now, folks can buy a bottle from us and enjoy it while sitting and people-watching outside our shop.”  (Sharon Sevrens – Huffington Post)

For those wondering about the legalities, they have a  sidewalk cafe permit.

Second, Amanti Vino will even deliver a bottle of wine to you if you’re dining at a local restaurant. That’s customer service!

Differentiation is not easy, but can be done (see my series Marketing is Fun. Differentiation is Hard).

It takes smart thinking, an outside-in mindset, and a willingness to experiment. Next time you and your team are struggling to differentiate your products/services, remember the New Jersey wine shop that delivers to the train.

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at harveychimoff dot com.

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