Smart Differentiation Powers Wholesale Fish Purveyor

You wouldn’t expect to hear “differentiation” and “wholesale fish” in the same sentence.

Until now.

Credit: Red's Best.

Credit: Red’s Best.

Boston entrepreneur Jared Auerbach created a company that brands wholesale fish under the Red’s Best name. He’s combined brand management, technology, a keen understanding of end users and storytelling to craft his go-to-market business strategy:

“Red’s Best is your premiere source for seafood caught by local fishermen, the freshest fish around, all of it traceable back to the fisherman who caught it for you. Red’s Best shares with you the fishermen’s pride: the story of each and every catch.”

There are three strategic business takeaways:

1)  Supply Chain Creativity Starts the Engine. Red’s Best has developed and leverages its own network of local fishermen.

2)  Information Technology Lights Up the Business Plan. Red’s Best developed a data system that enables the company to trace all the fish:

“Red’s Best web-based software collects traceability data for all catches and generates unique web addresses. Ask your vendor to scan the QR code that came along with your fish to access related info about fisherman, species, vessel, gear type, and port of origin.”

This investment powers the overall company marketing strategy.

3)  Storytelling Builds the Brand. Red’s Best creates a meaningful story for customers and end-users. By branding the wholesale fish, tracing its origin, and highlighting the specific fisherman who brought it to market, Red’s Best is able to craft and communicate compelling messages that drive sales.

There are many ways to achieve differentiation, and it’s a topic I like to write about. Whether it’s fish, hamburgers, hotels, wine stores, bus service or more, savvy business leaders are devising new paths for success. Find your differentiation.

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at StratGo Marketing, a “nuts and bolts” strategic marketing resource.

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