Bold Marketing: Travel Website Dares Customers with DNA Testing

The next time you’re facing a challenge that doesn’t have an obvious marketing answer, remember travel company momondo.

They came up with a terrific idea that wasn’t in any typical marketing playbook.

Credit: momondo

Credit: momondo

momondo partnered with an ancestry DNA testing service and created a poignant, emotional, and riveting video about people finding out who they really are – with surprise results, of course.

The powerful marketing idea? People will want to explore and learn more about their true ancestry and heritage. Continue reading

Smart Differentiation Powers Wholesale Fish Purveyor

You wouldn’t expect to hear “differentiation” and “wholesale fish” in the same sentence.

Until now.

Credit: Red's Best.

Credit: Red’s Best.

Boston entrepreneur Jared Auerbach created a company that brands wholesale fish under the Red’s Best name. He’s combined brand management, technology, a keen understanding of end users and storytelling to craft his go-to-market business strategy: Continue reading

NJ Wine Shop Thrives on Marketing Differentiation

Amanti Vino is different than its competitors, and that means special benefits for customers.

The Montclair, NJ retailer (wine, spirits, and specialty microbrew) is led by Sharon Sevrens, a former investment banker turned sommelier and wine educator.

Sevrens and her store generate significant earned media coverage. She’s been featured on CNBC and CBS (New York) television, profiled in The Wall Street Journal, and is a Huffington Post blogger.

Taste the Action: 3+ Marketing Differentiation Examples

Amanti Vino. Montclair, NJ. Credit. Amanti Vino.

Amanti Vino – Montclair, NJ. Credit. Amanti Vino.

Hand-Selected Wines

“We taste thousands of wines each year so that I can identify the very best for each region, varietal, price point, etc. We taste the bad wines so you don’t have to!”