5 Pointers for Writing a Letter to Your Customer

We all get “letters” from companies we do business with. Most go right in the garbage.

But, sometimes, a letter stands out.

The letter I’m going to tell you about was noteworthy because it reflected these 5 Pointers for Direct Customer Communication:

  • Be Authentic
  • Be Relevant
  • Keep it Straightforward/Concise
  • Convey appreciation/thanks for the business
  • Provide a Call-to-Action

“A few personal words.”

kingsize-brand-manager-letterThat was the title of the letter I received after a recent purchase from online retailer KingSize.

The one-page communication was a surprisingly good example of customer relationship engagement — that almost didn’t happen. That’s because the envelope and letter felt like just another typical piece of unneeded “junk” mail and I almost threw it out twice before reading the letter.

So, what made me read?

It was the title of the letter’s author: Brand Manager. That stood out to me as a marketer and former Brand Manager myself.

Then, the authentic, story-telling beginning hooked me to continue:

“The day I joined KingSize was one of the most significant days of my professional life, and I love it today just as much as I did on that first day six years ago.”

The letter was also relevant and had a bit of personalization. It noted the type of item I purchased. And talked about a commitment to making men “feel great.”

Plus, KingSize offered a $50 discount on my next purchase of at least $100.

Credit: KingSize.

Credit: KingSize.

Intrigued, I researched the Brand Manager to make sure he was real, and not just a marketing fabrication.

He is, but David Reinke’s official title is VP, General Manager at FULLBEAUTY Brands, the company that owns the KingSize brand. According to his LinkedIn profile, he leads a 30-person marketing and business team.

Okay, the brand seems to be under his remit, so I suppose a bit of creative license is allowed.

I liked David’s letter, and if I were to respond, here’s what I’d say:

Dear David:

Thanks for your note and coupon. Nice touch. Chances are I won’t use the discount offer, though. For starters, I’m not a Big & Tall shopper, so I’m not a core KingSize customer. I buy socks from your company because in most cases I can’t walk into a retail store and buy extra large size socks. They’re not stocked. Also, the discount has a short expiration date of 2.5 weeks, and I don’t need anything else from your site now. Still, for a 50% discount, I may take another look, just to be sure. Regardless, I feel just as good, if not a little bit better, about KingSize after your letter.

All the best, Harvey Chimoff

Harvey Chimoff is a versatile marketing and business team leader who believes good marketing sells. Contact him at StratGo Marketing, a “nuts and bolts” strategic marketing resource.

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